Sunday, 8 December 2013

Aaj se 300 saal pehle MATHS bahut masoom aur pyara tha.

Ek din kuch badmash students ne MATHS ko bahut maara... itna maara, itna maara ki bechare MATHS ki jaan chali gayi. Lekin jaate jaate MATHS sab students ko ek baddua de gaya... Main to ja raha hoon lekin..."MATHS"

M = Meri
A = Aatma
T = Tumhe
H = Hamesha
S = Satayegi
Aaj bhi maths ki aatma bhatak rahi hai aur saare students ko sata rahi hai aur hamesha satati rahegi....
In Maths, kiss is the shortest distance between two Lips.

In Biology, kiss is just exchange of germs from one mouth to another.

In Chemistry, kiss is a process of testing the ph of the lips.

In Physics, it's a process to charging a human body.

In Computer, kiss is a local area network in which two bodies are connected without a data cable.

In Economics, kiss is a process in which Demand is higher than supply !!
Ek baar ek ladka ghar mein sharaab pee kar aaya aur apne Dad se bachne ke liye ek badi si book lekar padhne laga!

Dad: Oye nalaayak, aaj phir sharab pee kar aaya hai kya...?

Son: Nahin Dad, bilkul nahin, kyun?

Dad: Kamine, toh phir pichle 10 minute se breifcase khol ke kya bak-bak kar raha hai...
12 reasons why I chose Business as profession:
1. I hate sleeping.
2. I have enjoyed my life in childhood.
3. I can't Live without Tension.
4. I wanted 2 have a disturbed life.
5. I believe in Geeta "karm karo fal ki chinta mat karo".
6. I wanted 2 take revenge on myself.
7. I love dreaming about, delivery, payments, orders.
8. I like spending time with staff, customer, govt babu than family, friends.
9. I love giving bribe.
10. I love 2 work on holidays.
11. I can't live without mobile hooked on my ears even in the bathroom.

and the best one
12. I love begging for payments.
A man who owned a local grocery store was out delivering orders in his station wagon when he hit and injured a little, old lady. The lady sued and was awarded an amount large enough to drive the man out of business.

After difficult times he managed to accumulate enough to try again. But a few months after opening his doors he struck an old gentleman with his delivery truck. The gentleman sued and collected big damages, enough to ruin the merchant yet again.

On a peaceful Sunday, the grocer was sitting in his living room when his little boy entered and called out, "Father, Father, Mother's been run over by a great big bus."

The grocer's eyes filled with tears, and in a voice trembling with emotion he cried, "Thank the Lord, my luck's changed at last."